About Us

About Us

Germany is know around the world for it’s quality beer.  It is also known for it’s wonderful beer gardens and beer halls.  These beer gardens and beer halls need furniture so that thirsty beer lovers can sit and enjoy good beer, food and conversation.   The most well know beer event is Oktoberfest in München (Munich) Germany.  At Oktoberfest you will find thousands of beer garden table and bench sets inside and outside.

We noticed that in the U.S. it was very difficult to find authentic German beer garden furniture.  This is when we decided to start offering quality German and European biergarten table and bench sets and tables and chairs in North America.

After many years in business we now offer many different variations of beer garden furniture.  We offer not only different color finishes but also offer different colors legs/frames.  We also offer other German and European furniture and accessories that will work perfect at your brewery, winery, bistro, restaurant or home.

We believe that every customer should be given with the best service possible.  So, if you have any special requests or questions please let us know.

Let us deliver high quality furniture to you. Order your Beer Garden or Bistro Furniture today!


Michael Mullmann

Owner, Beer Garden Furniture llc