Why Our Tables and Benches Are Superior
Our tables and benches are Made in Germany. Germany is known around the world for producing quality products. Others say their sets are authentic. Authentic is when the tables and benches were made in Germany. This is where folding beer garden tables and benches originated.
German Made Beer Garden Table Benches
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We have the best quality German Made frames. Here are some numbers to show the quality. Ours are 12 gauge German angled steel, bench frame weighs 4.57 lbs. Standard table frame weighs 8.16 lbs. Theirs are 11 gauge steel, bench frame weighs 3.62 lbs. Standard table frame weighs 6.78 lbs.
German Made Table Bench Frames Hardware
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Our solid wood table and bench tops are of high quality and have no hole plugs. Others use second grade wood where they drill holes where there is damage or knots and fill them in with wood plugs.
Beer Garden Table Benches Comfort Table Frames
We use the appropriate table frame size on our standard and wider sets. Others use the standard size frames on wider sets making them less stable.
German made table and benches
Beer Garden Table Benches Wide Table
See the bottom of our frames. This is how German Made frames look. They accept German floor protectors and have a bend in the frames making them more like table legs. Others have a flat frame which do not accept German floor protectors and are less stable.
German Made Table Benches Floor Protectors
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Here are our sturdy quality German made locks that hold the frames in place. Ours are hot-dipped galvanized steel. Others use a lesser quality metal.
German Made Table Bench Frames Hardware
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